The UNC Elementary Department shall endeavor to empower its graduates through the development of their communicative skills; nurture the development of their IQ and EQ to the fullest; solve problems utilizing critical, analytical and creative thinking skills; and acquire technical skills and become environment friendly.


To this end, the Elementary Department commits itself to:

  1. provide rich, varied, and practical experiences that will hasten the development of their communicative and thinking skills;
  2. foster a wholesome and conducive learning environment;
  3. equip the pupils with the skills in making sound decisions and become responsible for preserving and protecting Mother Earth; and
  4. promote the development of love of work and productivity.



  1. To produce graduates who are self-empowered
  2. To equip its graduates with competencies needed to enable them to meet the challenges of the 21st century
  3. To produce graduates with desirable traits and values



  1. To hasten the development of the pupil’s language facility, numeracy, and coping skills
  2. To assist pupils in harnessing their critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills
  3. To facilitate the mental, moral, and emotional development of the pupils
  4. To acquire technical skills to cope with the demands of the information and technology age
  5. To instill in the pupils the responsibility of preserving and conserving the environment